About BBA

"Our mission is to advance the empowerment of women and girls in sports through apparel created specifically FOR HER"

Breaking Boundaries is an apparel line focused on highlighting women in sports across the world. The brand was created by Mana Alison and Terah James, two former women’s college basketball players, turned women’s tackle football players. 

While unearthing their passion for football, they both discovered the struggles that the sport and its players face. Most people aren’t aware that women’s tackle football even exists. These two women wanted to highlight the dedicated girls and women that sacrifice their time away from their families, friends, and significant others, to play a sport that they love, with no compensation. They simply do it for the PASSION of the game! The lack of awareness and support (and of course their passion for football) is what sparked the creation of Miss Gridiron, an apparel line focused solely on women’s tackle football. 

When Miss Gridiron hit the market in 2013, the support was overwhelming and the brand grew rapidly, not only in the United States, but internationally as well. As time went on, both Mana and Terah realized that women in ALL sports struggle to get the same recognition and support as men. Therefore, after 2 1/2 years of designing apparel for women’s tackle football, they decided to expand their line to include other women’s sports as well. This is when Breaking Boundaries Apparel was born. 

The brand celebrates, encourages and empowers all women in sports that are or will be BREAKING BOUNDARIES!




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